Lane Tech Booklists by Class

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Prof. Allen - LTAC 7

Prof. Bessette - AP Lang

Prof. Bessette - H English II

Prof. Bey - H English II

Prof. Chappell - H English II

Prof. Chappell - H English IV

Prof. Coleman - H English IV

Prof. Cramarosso - LTAC 8

Prof. Cummings - H English I

Prof. Cummings - H English II

Prof. Cwiak - AP Lang

Prof. Cwiak - H English II

Prof. Ewers - AP Lit

Prof. Ewers - H English I

Prof. Feuer - H English III

Prof. Fine - AP Lang

Prof. Flores - H English I

Prof. Flores - H English II

Prof. Haiken - AP Lang

Prof. Haiken - H English IV

Prof. Hesse - Alpha I

Prof. Hesse - H English I

Prof. Jennings Mihuc - AP Lit

Prof. Jennings Mihuc - H English II

Prof. Kim - H English II

Prof. Laroche - H English III

Prof. Laroche - Omega Lang

Prof. Locke - H English I

Prof. Mason - H English II

Prof. Mason - H English IV

Prof. McDonough - H English II

Prof. Mohammed - AP Lang

Prof. Mottram - AP Lit

Prof. Mottram - H English II

Prof. Nordlund - Alpha English II

Prof. Nordlund - Alpha Lit

Prof. Rowe - H English I

Prof. Rowe - AP Lang

Prof. Sears - AP Lit

Prof. Sears - Omega English II

Prof. Serilla - AP Lang

Prof. Serilla - H English IV

Prof. Shafqat - H English II

Prof. Shah - H English I

Prof. Starr - H English I

Prof. Starr - H English IV

Prof. Strom - AP Lang

Prof. Telles - Omega I

Prof. Telles - Omega Lit

Prof. Trujillo - H English III

Prof. Ulmer - LTAC 7

Prof. Warsaw - AP Lang

Prof. Warsaw - H English II

Prof. Weathers - H English I

Prof. Zerega - H English I

Prof. Zerega - LTAC 7