Classics in Brief

Classics in Brief

These are the books you SHOULD have read… but didn’t. Or maybe you read them, but it was 20 years ago… and everything you learned 20 years ago took a backseat to figuring out your Friday night plans.

We get it. That’s why we have our Classics in Brief book club. With the help of our super-well-read-and-educated staff, we choose some of the great Classics of literature… all kept short.  Just because you might not have time to read War and Peace doesn’t mean you can’t read ANY Tolstoy! Join us as we work our way through a range of old and new classics that won’t monopolize your reading list!

What We're Reading:  Evangeline, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 7:30pm
Evangeline By Henri-Dominique Paratte (Foreword by), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Lewis Semple (Editor) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781565544741
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Published: Pelican Publishing Company - April 30th, 1999

"We read as we would float down a broad and placid river murmuring softly against its banks, heaven over it and the glory of the unspoiled wilderness all around it."
--Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes on Evangeline

This classic poem of love lost features the most tragic, romantic, and famous star-crossed lovers since Romeo and Juliet.

The heartbreaking story of Gabriel and Evangeline, two Acadians separated during the British expulsion of the French settlers from Nova Scotia in 1755, has become one of the most enduring, endearing, and popular poems in American literature. The lovers' affection follows them when they are forced to flee their home, Evangeline to the land of southern Louisiana, Gabriel to other far-flung parts of the New World. Desperate to find one another, Evangeline searches valiantly for her love, while Gabriel, hoping to one day find his beloved, is-unknowingly-always one step ahead of her.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic marks a shift in his style from reflective lyrics and ballads to a longer tale in hexametric verse. The result will for eternity move those "who believe in affection that hopes, and endures, and is patient . . . who believe in the beauty and strength of woman's devotion."