The Clarity by Keith Thomas

The Clarity by Keith Thomas

"Whoa... prepare to be taken on a wild ride with Thomas' singular and legitimate horror.  Matilda, a psychologist researching how memories are made, meets Ashanique, a young girl who harbors the memories of past lives and may hold the key to unlocking a disturbing conspiracy.  But teaming up puts both Matilda and Ashanique in more danger than they could ever imagine.  This book's got it all -- a breakneck pace, shadowy experiments, and a TRULY horrific villain.  Read it before it inevitably becomes a blockbuster movie!"  - Recommended by Erika

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ISBN: 9781501156939
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Published: Atria/Leopoldo & Co. - February 20th, 2018

Are the Night Doctors coming for you?


Dr. Matilda Deacon is a psychologist researching how memories are made and stored when she meets a strange eleven-year-old girl named Ashanique. Ashanique claims to harbor the memories of the last soldier killed in World War I and Matilda is at first very interested but skeptical. However, when Ashanique starts talking about being chased by the Night Doctors--a term also used by an unstable patient who was later found dead--Matilda can't deny that the girl might be telling the truth.


Matilda learns that Ashanique and her mother have been on the run their whole lives from a monstrous assassin named Rade. Rade is after a secret contained solely in memories and has left a bloody trail throughout the world in search of it. Matilda soon realizes Ashanique is in unimaginable danger and that her unique ability comes with a deadly price.