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Sacred Grief: Exploring a New Dimension to Grief, Second Edition Cover Image
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The Black Heavens: Abraham Lincoln and Death Cover Image
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Funerals Without God: A Practical Guide to Non-Religious Funerals Cover Image
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Widow's Weeds and Weeping Veils: Mourning Rituals in 19th Century America Cover Image
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My Subconscious Mind Cover Image
By Marcas Major, Marcel Pighin (Illustrator)
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It's Your Funeral: How Grieving Families Are Being Exploited-and How We Can Stop It Cover Image
Death and Anti-Death, Volume 3: Fifty Years After Einstein, One Hundred Fifty Years After Kierkegaard (Death & Anti-Death) Cover Image
By Charles Tandy (Editor), R. Michael Perry (Contribution by), Nick Bostrom (Contribution by)
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You Can Afford to Die: Sensible Advice From a Practical Funeral Director Cover Image
Let's Get Your Party Started!: Growing Up, Aging, and Dying-A Martian's Perspective Cover Image
By Terryl Mackey, Mayapriya Long (Designed by)
Man's Search for Happiness: The Book of the Modern Beast Cover Image
The Gift of Presence: 101 Things You Can Do Before The Transition Cover Image
Inner Sky: Life Begins Where Resistance Ends Cover Image