Get Him Out! (Paperback)

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Do you know those memes that show social media versus reality? My meme included two soon-to-be dads and two moms of a twelve-year-old, one pregnant with twins through surrogacy. Imagine this picture of two families smiling, the grass is green and the sky is blue. On the other side is reality. A story that started as a perfect, heartwarming movie but quickly turned into a drama. A story of how the author learned to say "No" the hard way. A story sadly filled with drama, hurt, pain, and the challenging side of surrogacy. A story that is common, but untold. Surrogacy is supposed to be a great experience where one party is able to provide another with a family.

When Christel agreed to become a surrogate, she believed she was strong, healthy, and in a good mental place. Never in a million years did Christel ever anticipate the challenges she would face, nor would she fathom the long term repercussions. The pain would be unimaginable. As the baby lay on her stomach in a crowded room, she realized she was no longer the same person. In that moment, everything changed.

Contained in these pages is the author's personal experience of the trauma she experienced through surrogacy and how she was able to heal by sharing her story, detail by detail.

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ISBN: 9798987342411
Publisher: Christel Hoydic
Publication Date: January 1st, 2025
Pages: 284
Language: English