Paul Millard's Time Travel Chronicles II: The Chosen (Paperback)

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After narrowly escaping a Nazi firing squad, Paul Millard and Col. William Vrill land in the year 2298, one-hundred fifty-four years after a devastating global conflict slaughtered almost all of humanity. Three main human groups survived the apocalypse: the gritty dystopian underground; Breeder camps where the worldwide human population is maintained at an AI determined optimum level; and a pseudo-utopia controlled by Binarians, nine-foot-tall artificially intelligent humanoids. The underground believes the Binarians were responsible for the mass genocide. However, Binarian programming requires them to save remaining humans at all costs and forbids killing them. But if not the Binarians, then who? All sides believe in a prophecy passed down through generations about a time traveler who would arrive to save them, although each interprets the prophecy according to their beliefs. Every person and every Binarian Paul meets believes he is The Chosen who will solve the mystery and save humanity. Of course, Paul has no idea why and denies all claims to the contrary. His goal is, and always has been: find a way to go home. But could they be right? War is coming. The end is closer than you think.
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ISBN: 9798681323662
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 31st, 2020
Pages: 332
Language: English