Traumatic Events and Ethnic Diasporas (Paperback)

Traumatic Events and Ethnic Diasporas By Dorie G. Taylor Cover Image
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This groundbreaking research delves into the intricate relationship between ethnic diaspora communities and traumatic events in their homelands, exploring how these events serve as catalysts for mobilization in support of co-ethnic separatist movements. The study aims to unravel the nuanced perceptions and responses within diaspora communities, offering insights into the unique impact of violent events on their views of homeland separatist movements.

Utilizing a dual-method approach, the research combines an in-depth single case study with a multi-case comparative analysis. Structured interviews with Sikh diaspora members in the United States dissect the aftermath of the 1984 Indian military operation, Operation Blue Star, while the multi-case study investigates the responses of Irish and Uyghur ethnic diasporas to significant events in their homelands.

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ISBN: 9784054713444
ISBN-10: 4054713440
Publisher: Gulam Publishers
Publication Date: December 10th, 2023
Pages: 280
Language: English