Smart Phone Dumb Phone: Free Yourself from Digital Addiction (Allen Carr's Easyway #5) (Paperback)

Smart Phone Dumb Phone: Free Yourself from Digital Addiction (Allen Carr's Easyway #5) By Allen Carr, John Dicey Cover Image
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Do you pull out your phone at every idle moment?
Do hours slip away as you mindlessly scroll?
Has your smartphone added a level of detachment between you and the outside world?

Sadly technology which should be a wonderful boon to us has started to blight our lives. The average adult spends nearly ten hours a day looking at digital screens, leading to unprecedented levels of stress, isolation, procrastination and inertia. The fact is that digital dependence is an addiction and should be treated as such.

Allen Carr's Easyway is a breath of fresh air when it comes to addiction treatment. Tried and tested as an incredibly successful stop-smoking method, its principles have since been applied to other addictions such as alcohol, gambling and caffeine with outstanding results. Here, for the first time, the Easyway method has been used to overcome digital addiction, and it really works

Smart Phone Dumb Phone rewires our relationship to technology. By unravelling the brainwashing process behind our addictive behavior, we are freed from dependence and can reassert control over our time and productivity. Including 20 practical steps to help you along your way, this wonderful guide will release you from the clutches of your smartphone and allow you to live in the moment. It truly is the easyway.

About the Author

Allen Carr was a chain-smoker for over 30 years. After repeated failed attempts to stop smoking, he went from 100 cigarettes a day to zero without suffering withdrawal pangs, without using willpower and without putting on weight. The phenomenon that is Allen Carr's Easyway method was born, and it led to his recognition as the world's leading expert on stopping smoking.
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ISBN: 9781789504835
ISBN-10: 178950483X
Publisher: Arcturus Editions
Publication Date: September 15th, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: Allen Carr's Easyway