Social Oblivion: Raised Black in Canada (Paperback)

Social Oblivion: Raised Black in Canada By Thandiwe McCarthy Cover Image
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Born in 1987, Thandiwe McCarthy was raised in a big Black family in the small white town of Woodstock, New Brunswick. Always either lost in thought or found screaming and pulling pranks, Thandiwe's family of five aunts, four uncles, and many cousins did their best to nurture and instill the values of community and self-respect.

It wasn't until he moved away to the city of Fredericton, where no one knew how to put up with his antics, that Thandiwe was forced to face the world without the safety net of family.

Now far away from his family support, he will have to walk the line between accepting the aggressive objectives of public education and defending the family values he was raised with. Or risk falling into Social oblivion.
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ISBN: 9781778080807
ISBN-10: 1778080804
Publisher: Jelani Books
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English