A Day Out of Time (Paperback)

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Cat Fiyero is no stranger to chaos. Clifton seamlessly joins ridiculous comedy with tender emotional moments for a highly enjoyable debut tale of time gone awry. - Publishers Weekly Once a year the world fractures into rifts, allowing modern New Yorkers to walk side-by-side with dinosaurs, killer mermaids, and beings from distant stars. The cleanup falls to people like Cat and the brilliant but damaged members of Gamma team, who all know from personal experience that their job has a way of haunting anyone who gets close. Nothing about a Day is ever simple, and if this band of misfits wants to make it through the next twenty-four hours unscathed, their only choice is to stick together. The rules are simple: Identify and relocate subjects. Clear and close rifts. Don't cause trouble.Too bad Cat and her team aren't much for rules.
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ISBN: 9781718161184
ISBN-10: 1718161182
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 26th, 2018
Pages: 356
Language: English