Death Beads: Guardian of the Dreamcatcher Series (Paperback)

Death Beads: Guardian of the Dreamcatcher Series Cover Image
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Officer Chase Spiritwalker drives down a dirt road when a coyote warns of death and then he finds the medicine man and dear friend, Joe Spirit Eyes near death along with another dead body in a dry wash. The killer leaves clues at the scenes leading Officer Spiritwalker feeling that Joe Spirit Eyes is connected in some way. The string of beads and the petroglyphs are all signs connecting to Joe. Just when Chase is dealing with the murders, the love of his life shows up. Newspaper reporter, Harmony Wind Dancer arrives on the scene wanting to take photos and gather all the information she can to print in the local newspaper. Officer Spiritwalker now has to deal with the murders and, his desires for Ms. Wind Dancer, as he discovers more of the Apache and Navajo Ways of the medicine man. Will it be too late? The truth lies within the boundaries of the reservations. Realizing the life of Harmony Wind Dancer is in jeopardy sends him into panic mode. When Harmony Wind Dancer disappears, he must turn to his visions and to the possibility that he is a shapeshifter to stop the killer. Will he be too late for Harmony and the residents of Coyote Canyon?

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ISBN: 9781637608975
ISBN-10: 1637608977
Publisher: Soma Fusion Media LLC
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English