Voices Upon the Wind: The Second Novel in THE PEOPLE OF THE STONE SERIES (Paperback)

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Voices Upon The Wind is the second novel in "The People of the Stone" series. It is the generational sequel to The Stone Breakers and is once again set primarily in the greater Ohio Valley at the end of the last Ice Age. However, in this story the land itself has become a central character, one which dominates the lives of a new people who have come together to go in search of their former homes in a far away and unknown land. Two young men from different backgrounds are being driven by unseen forces toward this new land, and each other, in ways that seem to be beyond their control. What will be the results for those whose lives intersect with the strange powers each youth appears to possess as they seek to find the great beasts and their lost heritage. It is a strange destiny which both the startling natural and supernatural events drive them toward--beyond the mythical river of their dreams and their people's forgotten past. The People of the Stone saga is not just another "how to live in the Stone Age" series of books. It is a new look at important questions of the day concerning the origins and spread of the first Americans and their struggles to people a vast, new land.
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ISBN: 9781519783622
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Publication Date: January 2nd, 2016
Pages: 558
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