Death in l'Acadie: A Kesk8a Story (Paperback)

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"Some of the Newcomers] had taken up the lonely life of trapping because they couldn't stand the lonely life of civilization. Some of them were running from women, from the fathers of women, from lawmen, or from each other. On the rough side, all of them were at least a little bit crazy whether they had started out that way or not."In this sometimes humorous, sometimes deadly serious account of life in 1678-81 Acadia when the Newcomers attempted to foist their ways onto The People, Keskoua, a Mi'gmaw girl, takes us into her world where murder and deceit mean nothing to those who come from away.Sherrill Wark, the author, a descendant of "the Frenchman Claude Guidry," brings us on a journey of enlightenment through the eyes of a resilient people determined to survive against almost unbearable challenges.
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ISBN: 9781511501156
ISBN-10: 1511501154
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 28th, 2015
Pages: 212
Language: English