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In this classic tale, HG Wells tells of the time traveler, who adventures forward into time with the help of his new and revolutionary invention. The time traveler begins his story by explaining to his dinner guests that time is simply a fourth dimension and it is possible to travel across it as you would the dining room table. The guests scoffs so the time traveller tells them that he can prove it for he has invented a time machine. He will travel forward in time and bring back proof of his journey. He travels more than 800,000 years into the future and returns. Barely. And does he have a story to tell... The story has been the inspiration for a multitude of brilliant books, television shows, and films. Classic Appreciation Press is the creation of a college student studying marketing. Its sole purpose is to allow the student a company to apply and experiment with principles and theories discovered and learned through the course of study. All proceeds go to his tuition and other costs related to his education.
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ISBN: 9781463514419
ISBN-10: 1463514417
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 15th, 2011
Pages: 162
Language: English