The Foldings (Hardcover)

The Foldings Cover Image
By Gordon Kurby, Crystal Reynolds (Designed by)


What if someone or something actually learned to fold time? They beat the paradoxes and can now time travel. Or they can time communicate across the cosmos.

Welcome to a most unusual collection of short stories. Please join our journey where there are no formal rules but a thousand paradoxes. This has always represented a brick wall to the possibility of time travel, or has it? We need to be clever as all the paradoxes have a thought solution fondly called gedanken by Albert Einstein.

Imagine we receive a time message, not in a bottle floating on water, but in photons washing over the universe in waves. Are we being contacted by our future selves or something else? From our observational position, it cannot be differentiated. And both sides of that coin have their pluses and minuses. Future humans may appear more ruthless and foreign than the worst of the sci-fi aliens created in our minds. There is a theory that sentients in the universe that are violent will self-annihilate before they become space faring. We all want to believe this or that future humans are the brilliant conquerors of all evil in outer space.

These short stories are structured for entertainment but are also a duality, or two things at the same time. Read these science fiction tales and start the discussion about time communication or time travel. Being sentients, our intellect views these events as magical occurrences with no discernible first cause and certainly few hard facts. Unless, of course, you are a time traveler or have met one in person.

Observe and proceed with caution. We are in uncharted waves of the universe.

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ISBN: 9780999528600
ISBN-10: 0999528602
Publisher: Star Swim L.L.C.
Publication Date: October 25th, 2017
Pages: 116
Language: English