Paul Millard's Time Travel Chronicles I - Fat Tony's Diner (Paperback)

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Paul Millard didn't set out to save the world. A sternman aboard a lobster boat in Harpswell Maine, he unexpectedly inherited a fortune from a former employer. He quit his job and went on a party-filled spending spree until two events profoundly changed him and gave him a new purpose. After finding a woman brutally beaten by an unknown assailant at one of his soirees, Paul dedicated his life and the rest of his inheritance to building and funding a shelter for abused women and children.As the money dwindled, Paul met William Vrill IV. The genius descendant of a 'mad scientist', Vrill IV claimed he could create a working vortex to enable travel both ways through time. Paul took a gamble and financed the venture with a plan to journey into the past and seek more funding for the shelter. Without telling anyone, he made the jump, thoroughly unprepared for the subsequent events thrust upon him. Stuck in time, Paul's new mission: find a way home. Alive.

About the Author

Daniel M. Dorothy is a writer, newspaper editor and author. He has been a Sci-Fi fan since the 1960s when, as a young lad at his grandparents' house, he and his sister would sneak out of bed to watch Star Trek from the stairwell. The children would peer through the railings as the elders stayed mesmerized by their brand new RCA color console television below, allegedly unaware their young offspring were looking over their shoulders. Maybe they were just pretending not to notice. Dan has never time traveled. Yet.
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ISBN: 9780990900221
ISBN-10: 0990900223
Publisher: Curtis Cove Publishing
Publication Date: August 21st, 2018
Pages: 318
Language: English