The Dragonfly Door: a science fiction time travel thriller (Paperback)

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Second Edition (revised and re-edited April 2014) Most people would envy Frank Mann for living off a trust fund in beautiful San Francisco. But Frank was directionless and spiraling downward - lonely, drinking heavily, getting into brawls. He was sitting at a bar when above the gleaming bottles he first glimpsed the thing that would change his life forever. "It was the largest dragonfly I'd ever seen. Its wings were silver and its body a luminescent blue-green, almost metallic. I swear it was looking right at me." But it wasn't looking at him. It was looking for him. Because it wasn't a dragonfly at all. It was a door into the future. And it was sent to find Frank Mann for one specific reason: because only he could save mankind from extinction. A century from now, the world seems cleansed of pollution, relieved of conflict, liberated from want. Earth appears lush and beautiful, a renewed Eden. But there's trouble in paradise: a deadly virus, destroying all of agriculture. Unleashed in our time, its catastrophic power only emerges a century from now. And to create an antidote, the scientists of tomorrow must obtain a sample of the virus from today. That's where Frank Mann comes in. But success will not be as easy as stepping through the dragonfly door.
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ISBN: 9780989970211
ISBN-10: 0989970213
Publisher: Margaret a Millmore
Publication Date: October 8th, 2013
Pages: 428
Language: English