Frederick the Great: A Collective of Unconscionables (Paperback)

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A WORLD WHERE ALL ART IS PICASSO? When a routine mission to make sure Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated goes wrong, Frederick the Great, Peter the Great, and Abraham Lincoln find themselves trying to stop Pablo Picasso from taking over the Collective Unconscious. Left without the help of Isaac Newton, Frederick is going to have to call in some powerful backup to stop Picasso from inserting himself into all of history's works of art FACING DOWN POSSIBILITY ITSELF Time's nemesis, Possibility, is ready to make its move. Enlisting the help of Karl Marx, Possibility begins eliminating key figures of history - including a member of Frederick's team Frederick has, more or less successfully, blundered his way through several missions, but does he possess enough foppishness and pure dumb luck to take on the power of Possibility? This volume collects episodes 352 through 446 of the webcomic Frederick the Great: A Most Lamentable Comedy Breaching Time and Space, found online at:
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ISBN: 9780989806701
ISBN-10: 0989806707
Publisher: Gentleman Scholars
Publication Date: March 10th, 2015
Pages: 112
Language: English