The Skies of Time: Book Four in The Time Magnet Series (Paperback)

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The Skies of Time A Novel of Time Travel "Are you ready, honey?" "Honey? Hey, Ashley, you're an admiral. Aren't you supposed to call me 'lieutenant' or something?" "You're my husband, dammit, and I'll call you whatever I want-honey." "Aye aye, sweetheart." As they launched off the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, Ashley and Jack thought they were on a simple public relations flight dreamed up by the Pentagon to celebrate Ashley's promotion to rear admiral, making her the youngest flag officer in the history of the United States Navy. The flight would also publicize their story-book marriage. But Ashley and Jack aren't the average couple of married naval officers. They're time travelers (yes, they've done it before), and they were about to encounter a time portal or wormhole-in the sky. After they experienced a strange and violent turbulence in a cloudless sky, they realized something was wrong. As they flew toward their destination, LaGuardia Airport in New York City, they noticed that familiar landmarks were no longer there. Ashley piloted the F/A-18 F Super Hornet around New York City to take a look. No Verrazano Bridge, no Throgs Neck Bridge, none of the familiar sites of New York City in 2016, the year from which they took off. After they landed at La Guardia Airport, scaring the hell out of anyone who saw (or heard) the modern jet fighter, they realized that they were in the year 1940, 76 years in the past. Now what? They befriended an admiral who was the superintendent of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, who also provided them with accommodations. Admiral Tanner had a hard time believing that they had time travelled, but they were used to skepticism. Time travelers are a small group. Ashley and Jack realized that they had one objective-they had to find a way to read the Black Box, or cockpit data recorder from the Hornet. Without the data from the Black Box, they would never be able to find the location of the wormhole. But digital technology hadn't been invented yet. The contents of the Black Box would remain a secret unless they found a way to unlock its secrets. Without that they would be stranded 76 years in the past. They would live out their years, starting in 1940, never to see 2016 again. They consoled themselves with the fact that they had each other. Admiral Tanner arranged for them to meet none other than the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt himself. They saw Roosevelt as the key to helping them find a way back to 2016. But Roosevelt, although he took a liking to them, had other ideas. He saw them as key allies in the upcoming war, and he wanted them to share the mysteries of the F/A-18 F Super Hornet. They hated to admit the bad news, but Roosevelt was not on their side. The Skies of Time is a riveting romp through history, with enough plot twists to make you think you've gone through a wormhole. It's a thriller, a mystery, and a story of love and dedication. According to one review, "Moran has a wonderful way to weave fact and fiction. And when the facts include major historical figures, it becomes that much more of a compelling read." The Skies of Time won't let you go until the amazing ending. Grab this time travel thriller for the ride of your life.
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ISBN: 9780989554688
ISBN-10: 0989554686
Publisher: Coddington Press
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2015
Pages: 260
Language: English