Spirit of the Rainforest, 3rd Edition: A Yanomam Shaman's Story (Paperback)

Spirit of the Rainforest, 3rd Edition: A Yanomam Shaman's Story By Mark Andrew Ritchie Cover Image
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"We Yanamamo only speak our stories. We never mark our words on paper like you nabas. These words from my mouth--if you are seeing them on paper, you must be a maba. Because you are a naba, there are many things I must explain so you can understand the story of my people - Jungleman.So begins the riveting first person account of Jungleman, a shaman for the Yanomamo Indians. A fascinating and misunderstood people group, now for the first time, a powerful Yanomamo shaman speaks for his people. Jungleman provides shocking, never-before-answered accounts of life-or-death battles among his people--and perhaps even more distrubing among the spirits who fight for their souls. Brutally riveting, the story of Jungleman is an exatraordinary and powerful document.New in the third edition, Ritchie teams up with his long-time friend, the late Shoefoot Cajicua responding to the great majority of academics who do not agree with his view of his own people.
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ISBN: 9780964695290
ISBN-10: 0964695294
Publisher: Island Lake Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2018
Pages: 408
Language: English