Vino: The Essential Guide to Real Italian Wine (Hardcover)

Vino: The Essential Guide to Real Italian Wine By Joe Campanale, Joshua David Stein Cover Image
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The Italian wine bible for a new generation—a superstar sommelier and restaurateur explores the dynamic world of contemporary Italian wine.

“Joe gives us the gift of learning about the ever-evolving landscape of the world’s most soulful (and might I say favorite?) wine region.”—Danny Meyer


Acclaimed Italian wine expert, sommelier, winemaker, and restaurateur, Joe Campanale presents a comprehensive guide that is as transportive as it is deeply educational. Vino dives into the dynamic landscape of Italian wine today, where a new generation of winemakers is eschewing popular international styles, championing long-forgotten indigenous grapes, and adopting sustainable approaches best suited for their local climates.
In an epic quest through Italy’s 20 regions that takes readers from the steep hills of Valle d’Aosta to the near-tropical climates of Sicily, Campanale uncovers and profiles the diversity of real Italian wine and the most exciting, game-changing producers in each area. Readers will leave with countless recommendations for exceptional winemakers and be armed with Campanale’s empowering new rubric of quality (say goodbye to the Italian wine pyramid). Full of colorful stories, in-depth explorations of the modern craft, and stunning photography, Vino proves there's never been a better time to drink Italian wine.

About the Author

Joe Campanale is a sommelier and restaurateur and the current owner of Brooklyn’s Fausto and LaLou, and was the opening owner of New York City's Dell'anima, L'Artusi, and Anfora. He is also the host of In the Drink, a podcast about wine, and was named 2013's Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year. His restaurants have been featured in The New York Times, New York magazine, and Saveur, among others. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner, son, and rescue pitbull terrier.

Joshua David Steian is a writer, illustrator, and contributing editor to Fatherly, the senior editor of Eater, and the editor at large at Tasting Table. His popular books include Epicurean Journeys, Notes from a Young Black Chef, Food & Beer, The Nom Wah Tea Parlor Cookbook, and Il Buco Essentials: Stories and Recipes. He lives in Brooklyn with his two young sons.

Praise For…

“Rather than flash his credentials, [Campanale] introduces himself as ‘Joey from Queens.’ That disarming quality infuses this genial, practical, unpretentious guide. It’s easy-to-read and digest, and is full of thoughtful observations and excellent recommendations. . . . Vino is not dispassionate. It does not pretend to be objective. It’s opinionated and refreshingly clear about its point of view.”—New York Times

“My wineglass has had the privilege of being on the receiving end of many a Joe Campanale pour through the years—always something Italian—and beyond the delicious memories of what I’ve tasted, it’s the boundless enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge with which he uncorks those bottles that leave the most lasting imprint. With Vino, I can keep enjoying the gift of learning about the ever-evolving landscape of the world’s most soulful (and might I say favorite?) wine region.”—Danny Meyer, author of Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

“My husband’s first word was more, and my first word was vino. More wine! I chose the site of my marriage based on my favorite wine in the world. We got married in a vineyard in Montalcino. The most extraordinary wine adventures we’ve ever had were with Joe. Joe has taught us about anfora/amphora, orange wine, he’s opened our minds and hearts to beautiful Lambruscos and wines of every age, shape, and vintner. We love his picks and knowledge and you will, too. Cheers, Joe!”—Rachael Ray, television personality, philanthropist, and author

“This book is for the ages. Joe captures the rich past of Italy while looking ahead to what’s new and exciting. Bravo!”—Rajat Parr, owner of Phelan Farm

“Refreshingly engaging, marvelously personal, Joe Campanale’s Vino is inspiringly readable and effortlessly guides us through the styles, tastes, and charms of the fantastic world of Italian wines. Guaranteed to make you thirsty.”—Alice Fiering, author of Natural Wine for the People

“I have been eating at Joe’s restaurants for years, and I’m thrilled to have this beautiful and thoughtful guide to Italian wine at my fingertips. As a wine novice (but not-so-much a wine-drinking novice) he makes learning about this region, its wines, and the winemakers accessible and exciting. I’m . . . drinking some right now!”—Abbi Jacobson, writer, actor, and producer

“Campanale’s meticulous study of an evolving world is nothing short of impressive.”—Publishers Weekly
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