When Your Lover Is a Liar: Healing the Wounds of Deception and Betrayal (Paperback)

When Your Lover Is a Liar: Healing the Wounds of Deception and Betrayal By Susan Forward Cover Image
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In this powerful and vitally important new book, internationally acclaimed therapist and bestselling author Susan Forward, Ph.D., provides invaluable advice for women whose men betray their confidence and trust with lies.

Illustrated with a wealth of true-life stories from women who have survived and thrived despite deceptive relationships, When Your Lover Is a Liar shows you how to maneuver through the labyrinth of lying in love relationships. Based on her many years of practice and her extensive knowledge, Forward profiles the wide variety of liars, tells how to deal with the lies—from the benign to the lethal—that these men spin, and gives you practical strategies to stop them before they ruin your relationship and your life.

In straightforward language, Forward examines the lies women tell themselves and paints a vivid picture of the effects lying has on women'including loss of self-respect, withdrawal, self-blame, rage, and the desire for revenge—and how to deal with them effectively. Through practical, proven step-by-step methods for healing the wounds caused by his deception and betrayal, Forward provides all the communication and behavioral techniques you need to deal with a lover's lies. Forward tells you exactly what to say, when and how to respond to his reactions, and how to present your requirements for staying in the relationship. With understanding and compassion, she helps you decide whether your relationship can be saved and shows you how to move beyond doubt and regret if it can't.

But whether you stay or go, you can learn to love and trust again. Susan Forward shows you the path to rebuilding your confidence and self-respect as well as experiencing the rebirth of trust, both in yourself and in your partner.

About the Author

Susan Forward, PhD, is an internationally renowned therapist, lecturer, and author. Her books include the number-one New York Times bestsellers Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them and Toxic Parents. In addition to her private practice, she has served as a therapist, instructor, and consultant in numerous Southern California psychiatric and medical facilities.

Praise For…

"In this landmark book, Forward describes how lying and betrayal take place in loving relationships. In this practical guide, filled with helpful clinical anecdotes, she shows how people can move to new dimensions of love and healing. A must read!" — Rabbi Levi Meier, Ph.D., chaplain, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, clinical psychologist, author of Moses, the Prince of Egypt: His Life, Legend & Message for Our Lives

"Lying is a surefire way to demolish self-esteem and destroy relationships. This very useful guide shows us how to detect lies in those we love, confront the liar, and work through the betrayal so we emerge stronger and wiser." — Ellen McGrath, PH.D., chair, American Psychological Association, National Task Force on Women and Depression

"Susan Forward does it again with this powerful book that will go a long way toward helping women regain their balance and self-esteem in the aftermath of betrayal." — June M. Reinisch, Ph.D., director emeritus, the Kinsey Institute, author of The Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex

"Susan Forward's wisdom and compassion shines through in this excellent guide for women about a potentially devastating experience in their lives. Fascinating reading!" — Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and End the Struggle and Dance with Life

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ISBN: 9780060931155
ISBN-10: 0060931159
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: December 22nd, 1999
Pages: 240
Language: English